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Are You on the New WebEOC? If not, What are You Waiting for?

by Matt Cronin on May 19, 2016 1:13:04 PM

This week marks the six month anniversary since the New WebEOC, the eighth version of the solution, was released at the 63rd Annual International Association of Emergency Managers conference in Las Vegas.

This release of WebEOC was our largest to date, introducing a totally redesigned user interface, simplified information access, an enhanced user experience and optimization for mobile devices. Our latest counts indicate 41.5 percent of WebEOC clients have upgraded to WebEOC 8. This begs the question, what are the other 58.5 percent waiting for?

After hearing from our clients who recently made the transition to the new WebEOC, their initial hesitation varied between not enough time to implement, intimidated by a new interface and even afraid previously stored data may be lost. We understand; change isn’t exactly an appealing activity for everyone. That’s why our transition and update process is as smooth and painless as possible, to ensure that you are never lost in your new WebEOC journey.

Making the Update Process Simple

From the initial planning phase, our goal was to make updating easy and effortless, allowing clients to upgrade and be operational from day one. So that’s exactly what we did! After backing up the WebEOC database, locally hosted clients simply need to run an installer like any other update to acquire the new WebEOC 8. All existing boards and data will continue to be available after the transition.

Are you a hosted client? We also have you covered! Make the request for WebEOC version 8 to your client services manager or Intermedix support team. Then, just tell us when you would like to update and we’ll take care of the rest. After upgrading, all of your custom boards will look and function the same way as they did before; you are just accessing them in a different way.

Understanding Feedback from Those Who Made the Transition

panel.jpgEarlier this month, we hosted the Intermedix 2016 Summit in Denver, Colorado. This conference confirmed what we already knew: WebEOC clients love the new interface. Additionally, they expressed their appreciation for how quick and painless it was to transition from version 7 to 8.

This was especially the case during the WebEOC 8 Client Panel. The panel, consisting of two state-level emergency management agencies, three county emergency management agencies and one airline emergency response representative, had the opportunity to share their own upgrading process experiences as well as hear those of other clients in the audience. Without exception, the panelist participants had positive feedback overall and spoke to several takeaways regarding the update such as the benefits of the newly available tools, features and the user interface.

Using the Update as an Excuse for "Spring Cleaning"

In addition to the update, some users are taking the opportunity to look at their system as a whole, replacing older boards with newly available ones and/or update existing boards to the new user interface using the WebEOC board builder. Through the use of functional enhancements and aesthetic improvements, board building on the new WebEOC has become increasingly easier to manage. The new WebEOC also offers a new board set which includes the latest board tags and board building techniques, all while providing a modern and intuitive user experience to accompany the rest of the update.

Keep in mind, however, that these board enhancements are not required while transitioning to version 8. Many clients have had great success with upgrading first, making no changes to their boards and then updating their boards at a later date. Another good option to consider is an on-site process review. During an on-site process review, our experts come in and provide an assessment, of which includes an overview of the very latest boards and a review of implementation best practices.

Taking the Leap

I encourage any client who is hesitant about making the change to speak with their fellow colleagues about the update. If you don’t know anyone to speak to, let your client services manager know and they will put you in contact with someone to share their thoughts with you. Our support team is also here and ready to support you to ensure any questions you have about the update are answered.

On our Client Hub, we’ve provided a number of resources for you in relation to WebEOC 8. A new Administrator Guide, User Guide, Quick Reference Guide and Comparison Document are all readily available to help you understand the key differences between WebEOC 7 and 8. Even though a lot has changed, it only takes a few minutes to orient yourself or users to the new changes.

Change can be hard, but, in this instance, it is well worth it. If you haven’t done so already, do yourself and your users a favor and upgrade to WebEOC 8 today.

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This post was written by Matt Cronin

Matt Cronin is the product manager for WebEOC. He has eight years of experience in emergency management. Prior to joining Intermedix, Cronin held the position as administration and finance manager at Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management. Cronin earned his bachelor's degree in public management from Florida Atlantic University and holds a master's certification with a concentration in public administration from Florida Atlantic University.

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