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How Board Building Got Easier with the New WebEOC

by Kent Cawley on Nov 18, 2015 3:30:00 PM


WebEOC boards exist to facilitate collaboration and increase situation awareness.  Administrators dedicate a significant amount of time to create WebEOC boards that are tailored to meet a user’s operational requirements and organizational preferences.  To support administrators, the new WebEOC streamlines the board building process and improves the look of standard WebEOC boards, saving users valuable time and making it easier for novice board builders to create aesthetically pleasing status boards. In addition, the new WebEOC places an emphasis on general usability. The new software will specifically focus on functional enhancements and aesthetic improvements.

Functional Enhancements

In the new WebEOC, all board editing has been consolidated to one place.  Administrators can build an input/display view, edit filters, change view options and access the version history on the same screen.  Additionally, administrators can access the Design View and the Code Editors through tabbed displays.  Changes to the HTML code can be previewed in the Design View tab prior to saving one’s work. 

Finally, the board editor automatically adds an entry, edit, save, cancel and print to PDF button menu to each newly created display. Streamlining access to all board building tools and configuration options, coupled with the automatic creation of standard buttons, will save administrators a significant amount of time and provide a more fluid user experience.

Aesthetic Improvements

The first thing you will notice on the new WebEOC is the introduction of an improved visual interface.  These updated visuals are reflected on all boards built within the new WebEOC system.  It enhances the aesthetic value of WebEOC boards with little to no effort required by the administrator.

As a part of the visual updates, Intermedix has implemented standards for color, font and buttons locations with the goal of providing a more consistent user experience. A few examples of aesthetic improvements include a large green button for new entries on each display, a large blue save button on each input view, and the use of the new dialog tag to access input views. Many of the new settings and features can be easily replicated when building your own boards through the use of WebEOC-specific tags.

The new WebEOC has made clear improvements to the board building process.  Administrators, regardless of skill level, will appreciate the time saving features and aesthetic improvements introduced in the new software.

Once you create your boards in the new WebEOC, you can share it with the user community by using the newly introduced section of the Client Hub dedicated to sharing boards for the new WebEOC. Just contact our support team to submit your board to the Client Hub.

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