We are now a week past the Intermedix 2015 Summit that took place in Dallas and are currently hosting our Europe Summit in London. I would like to thank all of our clients who took the time out of your busy schedule to attend these conferences, as well as for the effort you put in to share your work with your peers.

The Summit conferences are a highlight of the year for our team. They provide an opportunity to hear and understand how our clients are using our products in order to address their needs in new and creative ways. The conferences are also an opportunity to receive direct real-time feedback on new capabilities we are building into our products.

This year’s theme Experience Collaboration. Spark Innovation. highlighted collaboration, innovation and organizational transformation. All of our client presentations focused on these areas. Our team was proud to highlight innovations coming up for WebEOC, product integrations and other areas.

During the Summit in Dallas, Captain Mark Kelly provided our keynote speech, which included how setting goals and determination can result in ordinary people doing extraordinary things. He and his wife, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, also represent the power of a positive human spirit. These characteristics are directly applicable to the role all of you play every day for the agencies and people that you serve. Thank you for serving in that mission and allowing Intermedix to share a role in supporting you and your teams.

In conjunction with your service and support to your communities, we would like to send our heartfelt sympathies to the victims and families in Nepal affected by the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. We would like to thank the emergency management and humanitarian assistance workers and volunteers.