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Why Intermedix Decided to Join the Resiliency Mission

Written by Sam Klietz | Dec 16, 2016 4:18:47 PM

On November 16, Intermedix announced its plans to join the resilience mission by partnering with 100 Resilient Cities, or 100RC, - Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation to offer strategic emergency preparedness counseling and supporting technology.

With the world evolving into a more urban space—75 percent of people are expected to live in cities by 2050—resilience efforts have gained more momentum than ever, making it increasingly important for organizations to lend their services and contribute resources to this essential work.

I have personally been involved in the establishment of the 100RC partnership, and have already had some colleagues ask me, “Why the recent focus on resiliency and why have we decided to be actively involved in making the world more resilient?” As we embark on this new relationship and meaningful work, I wanted to take some time to provide more clarity around these questions and share more information on what this movement is all about.

So what is Resiliency?

In the simplest terms, resiliency is defined as the ability to return to original form or recover from adversity. Over the past few years, cities in our twenty-first century world have experienced unprecedented adversity—from acute shocks such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks and terrorist attacks to every day stresses such as unemployment, lack of public transportation and poverty. In today’s global landscape, it is less about how to rebuild when catastrophe strikes, and more about how to develop an appropriate strategy to persevere when the unexpected does occur, and repurpose these incidents as prospects for growth.

Since 2013, 100RC has been responsible for building a network of cities, and providing them with the necessary tools to form an effective resiliency roadmap. Through the City Resilience Framework they have created, cities can better understand the key social drivers they need to focus on and plan for, and decide what actions need to be taken so the city can ultimately become stronger.

Multiple cities in the 100RC selected network have already started to see the benefits of implementing a resilience strategy, and moving forward with this approach. As stated in a 100RC blog from Michael Berkowitz, CEO, resilience is working and is being institutionalized in municipal governments across the world, and becoming a topic that is at the forefront of many private sector company agendas.

Why Did We Join the Movement?

The Intermedix mission is to “serve those who save lives,” and we try to actively partner and collaborate with clients who contribute to life-saving work. As a leader in the emergency management industry, we see it as our responsibility to stay on top of worldly trends, and provide necessary assistance and capabilities when they are needed most. Based on our previous experiences and client work, we know how crucial having effective preparedness processes and procedures in place is, and want to provide the same guidance and solutions to the network of cities we’ll be working with through 100RC.  It’s important that we always strive to find new ways to apply crisis management, public safety and emergency response knowledge and technology to emerging markets and initiatives to drive fundamental and sustainable change.  The partnership with 100RC gives our company the ability to provide strategic aid so we can continue to evolve our platforms, benefit society and achieve situational awareness globally. 

We are honored to be part of this mission, and eager to play a vital role in making the world more resilient.  

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