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Optima Live

Optima Live offers a dynamic, real-time view of emergency resources to support dispatch in making critical decisions. In conjunction with the CAD System, Optima Live keeps dispatchers abreast of resource statuses, locations and availability with impressive visual and statistical information available at a glance. Intricate day of the week and time of day sensitivities can be incorporated through business rules, while compliance codes and the Look Ahead feature provide invaluable insight.

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Benefits of Optima Live

With Optima Live You Will Be Able To...


Improve Performance

Optima Live provides the communications center with deployment recommendations for the best coverage.


Increase Efficiency

Optima Live allows you to minimize unnecessary moves that are taxing on crews and waste fuel.


Enhance Operations

Optima Live monitors the status of resources and continually enhances it to find the best outcomes.


Real-Time View

Road networks are the core upon which vehicle, call and location data is displayed and updated in real-time. This information provides dispatchers with a clear view of vehicle and resource availability during the decision-making process. Then, system administrators can replay past segments to analyze the situation and incorporate lessons into the management plans.

Post-Plan Manager

Administrators can configure the optimal deployment pattern to maximize coverage area and improve incident response for a given day and time. color-coded compliance standards are generated and dynamically updated to help dispatchers adhere to the plan and redirect vehicles when necessary.


Look Ahead

Look Ahead offers a side-by-side comparison of current resource locations and their anticipated location in the near future. Vehicle statuses are presented for a configured time frame in a best case scenario that accounts for call completion, transport times, as well as refueling, restocking and shift changes. This information provides valuable insight for dispatchers when redirecting vehicles.


Emergency resources are assigned based on an accurate assessment of the incident and a quick review of vehicle statuses. Business rules can be applied to automatically identify the most appropriate resources, allowing dispatch to make knowledgeable decisions for substantial improvements in both accuracy and response times.


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